Day one: It is 3 AM, and I just got back working on the code of KEENTOO’s MVP(Extended DAOs)

GM. GM. I hope you’ve been productive!

A challenge to launch KEENTOO within the next 20 DAYS.

I just finished wrapping some designs for the MVP version of KEENTOO and now, I have to edit the backend and update the frontend. Well, it’s crazy here. Over 30 notes were stacked on the table right under both my arms as I type on the keyboard. I thought it would speed up the process instead of getting up and checking those cards on a sticky board which will be a few meters away or worse a pile of an unorganized stack of papers. They were more accessible as I had to move from one task to another and needed to have an overview of everything with as little effort as possible to stay focused on the current task. It is quite exhausting.

What am I trying to build?

Once upon a time, to be exact about 11 Years ago, I’ve built a social platform and it failed by design before even launching. So let’s explore my failure as it led to an unexpected beautiful path. As I had spent all my time designing and redesigning the platform trying to achieve a specific experience that I couldn’t quite define how it should or what it was. It was like I was aimlessly experimenting and designing. Cashflow gets burned quiet and frustration kicks in. Alright, rough times, here they are, but then they are gone. Got a little cash? All right! Let’s go! Research, and experiment again. Same loop. It stayed this way for about 5–6 years but that epiphany eventually came.

I do not want to build a social media platform, however, our platform is based on social features. Wait wait wait. All of sudden, talking about features here, complexity got so near the fine line.

We operate as a DAO to keep everything transparent and to speed up the deployment rate as the project scales up. People can create a custom-built space that functions either as a community, DAO, Publisher, business, or all at once. If you’re familiar with DAOs, please know that proposals and votes are not the definitions of a DAO, we have yet to explore and experiment with the concept for years to define it adequately. I do not claim that I have found the solution to autonomous collaboration but I have an attempt that I’m about to implement after considerable thought.

If we look at our needs in terms of cases then we can form features around specific needs to improve the quality of our lives. To do this, we need to understand what is the definition of a case without getting too nerdy. I assumed that a case would have an assumption, challenges, and a solution.

At this level, there are no collaborative features introduced to this point but let’s get a little nerdy now and understand how this works. All the heavy lifting happens in the challenges. This is the place where people raise challenges opposed to the case and share their concerns. People can also boost cases of their choice through ETH to allow more people to contribute and achieve a holistic solution. Each case is destined to become a feature somewhere within the platform according to the impacted aspect.

The first case on KEENTOO:

How do we define a DAO and what are the expected capabilities?

Time to sleep… It’s almost 4 AM… I was supposedly going to wake up at that time. Yeah, right… Gn. GN.

Stay tuned for more information!




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